Wednesday, August 22, 2012


Jonica is at the doctor's office to tell him she doesn't want to do any more procedures trying to get pregnant. The costs are too high in both financial and emotional ways.
Stacie is at the same doctor to consult about an unwanted pregnancy, and get a reference to have an abortion.  A chance conversation in the waiting room, and a magazine that Jonica offers Stacie bring the two women together, when Stacie shows up on Jonica's doorstep, madder than the proverbial wet hen.  She accuses Jonica of trying to push her religion off on her, and she wants no part of it.

In spite of the differences in their lives, they are drawn together, and become friends.  Stacie grieves her decision to abort her baby, and Jonica grieves not being able to get pregnant.

This book goes through a year in the lives of these two women, as life
deals with them both in different ways.
Will Jonica find joy in other things, and accept the fact that she will not have children of her own?
Will Stacie ever accept the fact that God can forgive her for having the abortion, and accept him?

I really enjoyed reading this book, I liked both Stacie and Jonica, and could feel their pain. I think that any woman who has either struggled with the decision of unwanted pregnancy, or with knowing that they will never be able to have a child of their own, would get a lot out of this book

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This sounds like a good book, Jettie- How do you like the electronic readers?

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