Wednesday, August 08, 2012

Cats everywhere,

Once upon a time, several years ago, we were a one cat family.  
Then my Tom disappeared and 3 days later a Red Tabby female 
showed up in his place.  
Now, it is like a Red Tabby Haven around here.

Yesterday, we had them coming 

Out of the chairs.

sleeping in laps.

Sleeping on 
That is Fluff, who Skylar adopted a couple of weeks ago
Growing like a weed, 
both of them


NanaDiana said...

I think I x'd out before I hit post before...duh.....what I said was that Skylar looks so cute in that last picture with her "baby". I think she looks a lot like you and is gonna be a pretty girl when she is all grown up, too! xo Diana

Anonymous said...

I adore cats and these are beautiful. We have 4 rescued cats. Our newest, Blue, was discovered orphaned at a construction site with 4 siblings.