Wednesday, February 08, 2012

He fired them

JD, my grandson, broke his leg on Dec 12th.  His friends who were with him at the time, offered to carry his books, get his lunch tray, and stay with him inside, during his recovery....Well, Jeb didn't keep up his part, so Jd fired him...And another or 2 friends stepped in, but didn't meet his expectations, so they also got fired.
Sidney is the only one who hasn't been fired, leave it to a girl to do what she has promised.
On Friday, I told Sidney that when he is able to walk without crutches, that Jd owed her lunch.  Jd, being a stinker, said no, she is the one who told me to jump, when I broke my leg.  His mom told him that he should buy her a CandyGram at school for Valentines Day...No, wouldn't do that either...If I were Sidney, I'd smile sweetly and tell him to carry his own books, wouldn't you?


Tete said...

LOL- now that's cute. Jd is a typical boy. I think I would let him carry his own books and sit by himself for recess. How long before the cast comes off? Sure must be get antsy by now. How is he doing after his nose dive the other day?

NanaDiana said...

I missed this post before, Jettie! That is funny kid! Guess we know some girl will be catering to him when he is married! xo Diana