Monday, November 14, 2011

Someone knows me well...

A few weeks ago, I found the lantern at a 'big box store', and I just had to have it, though 
hubby wasn't so sure I needed it.
It is a candle holder, but I didn't have candles that showed well in it.
Today, a box came in the mail, that had the 3 oval boxes inside, and when we opened the last one
5 small orange candles, that fit perfectly into the holder.
(I say we, because my 8 year old grandson, Jd, is here, and you know how it is with kids and packages')

My 'sister' knows me well, she knew I loved 'trinket boxes' as I call them, and those beautiful candles are the perfect thing.

  She also my shoulder to cry on, whenever I'm blue, the one who makes me laugh, when I need a big chuckle, we almost share a birthday I'm about 3 1/2 weeks her senior, and that makes me the 'big sister',
and though we aren't sisters by blood, we are sisters ..
 very special Sister in Christ.
Thank you 'TRose' for the birthday gift.  


Tete said...

Now, how did I miss this? I love the boxes and the lantern- just bought one off of a friend without the glass in it. It is huge and black and will be cute for Christmas and then with a plant in it hanging in a tree next spring. Will have to post that later today.
Isn't she the best buddy? So happy that you got a smile box.
Gotta run- bathroom calling...again!

NanaDiana said...

Oh- I think I am able to comment now! I am soooo glad you got this, Jettie. I gotta a crying baby but I'll be back. Hugs from the heart, sis! xo Diana