Monday, December 29, 2014

Recycling 101

Remember last February when we had the ice storm, and 2 trees landed on our roof.
this guitar body is made from the Hackberry tree.
Jerry was going to make a piece of  lumber, 2x8 or something, to use in building.
When he sawed it, the grain just popped out.
So instead he glued up and cut out this blank
The center piece is Walnut. 

The Neck doesn't have
a finish on it yet.

but here it is.

Note the pencils and pens,
those are my spacers so I can move the body around
as I put the finish on the parts.


Patty Patterson said...

Now that is just cool! And that guitar is going to have so much special meaning. I love it!

NanaDiana said...

I didn't see this before. I have never seen hackberry wood.