Monday, January 26, 2015

A drive and some photos

We had an errand to run this morning, and decide to take the old highway west, and enjoy the sunshine.
We made a little side trip off the main highway, and found these enjoying the sunshine, and not minding the cool water.

We were the only ones within a mile, so they didn't pay a lot
of attention to us, except when we were right beside them.

 Then we drove on west, and crossed the bridges, and I got this shot you can see the road, the water, and houses on other side of the lake.

 These are beautiful homes, click on the photos to enlarge them to see better.

And here is the big power plant, in my album, I can enlarge this
to see the lines on the stack.

We drove a bit farther west, ate lunch, then headed back east to visit with Jerry's brother for awhile, he is in rehab at one of the nursing homes for at least another week.  Got to visit with his youngest daughter, Liz, it is hard to believe that I was the first one that held her after she was born, I got to carry her down to the nursery. She now has 6 children of her own, and the youngest has the brightest red hair I have seen in a long time.  It just glows.


NanaDiana said...

Those homes are gorgeous, Jettie. It is so funny to see open water this time of year. We have been frozen solid for months here now. Great pictures!

Tete said...

Love all the photos and those homes are awesome. Love the ducks!