Sunday, March 23, 2014

Some of the trees damaged or down from that ice storm

I'm ready for spring, see my green.

I haven't done much photography since surgery, so I went out this morning and snapped a few things. 
Here is just some of the wood from the 2 trees that were taken down by the ice storm.  Wish I'd gotten some of them while they were still on the house.

Stump from the Hackberry tree,
the Cherry stump is behind that section
of fence that you can't see through, because of the propping job.

One of the Maples got a limb 
broken off, too, in that mess.

I'm sure glad it didn't take these two 
trees down, they are over 4 ft across at about
3 foot up from the base.  

Both are huge Red Oaks
that were probably standing
when Abe Lincoln was President.
I love the small cherry that is casting it's shadow on the largest of the oaks.
It will come down soon, as we are removing the
brush from around that area.
And here is Booger, trying to
catch the strap on my camera,  this morning.
He got a face washing right after this, which
he still says, doesn't seem like a real mom wash, I didn't use my tongue.

More photos from around the yard.
Where the most damage was done, right over our
bedroom. It reaches all the way across.
Brush in the back yard from the trees.

Cherry stump

3 ft high root and dirt ball where the roots lifted when the trees
tumbled onto the house.  The stump you see is the hackberry, the cherry was a bit closer to
the fence.

Just a tiny fungi, about 14 inches across, that is at the base of one of the Oaks.


Ellie VanCaster said...

Wow Jettie, that is scary. Thank God the storm didn't do more damage and injury you guys.

NanaDiana said...

Wow- Those are some gorgeous old trees, Jettie. I am glad you didn't lose those. I didn't realize what a big chunk that took from your roof. You are just lucky you weren't hurt!
Great pictures and I do see a "bit" of green there! Lucky you! xo Diana

Tete said...

Omgosh, those are some big trees! How in the world do you get rid of a root ball that big? Looks so nice to see your green there. I think you might need to fix that hole in the know how flash is.