Tuesday, March 04, 2014

Ryan's Father by June Foster

I had difficulty deciding how to rate this book, after reading it.  I've put off reviewing, and kept searching my concience, hoping that an idea would come to me.  
Finally, in desperation, I contacted a friend, and she gave me some great advice.
Ryan has an attraction to someone of the same sex, he's a christian, and he doesn't act on his feelings, but they are still there.  I think we all know someone who
doesn't quite fit the 'perfect mold' in fact a lot of someones, all of us. June Foster did a good job of telling this difficult story, without making you feel  bad, sorry, or angry, at any of the people involved. 
She made it believable and the characters all work together, to tell this story well.  So you don't like the subject matter, then you need to put your flaws in that place, where Ryan's flaws are placed.  Then sit down, open your Bible, and understand that  we are all sinners, working to become better people
I was given a copy of this book by the author, to read and review.  She knew she was treading on a subject that might disturb some people, but she didn't ask to read my review before I posted it.  All opinions expressed here are my own, and I was given no other compensation for my opinion


~Cindy~ said...

Great review Jettie. I think this book touches us all on different levels because we know that we all have our own sins. And while it is human nature to want to classify one sin worse than the other, they are not, sin is sin. Great review glad you took time to review this book, I am sure your review will help others.

NanaDiana said...

I actually know someone like that, Jettie. A female and she has struggled her whole life to "fit in". Her brother was gay and committed suicide and is a desperately private person so won't talk to a counselor or pastor about it. I cannot imagine the life that someone like that must live-the inner turmoil and angst they go through.
My feeling is that it is NOT my job to judge ANYONE-that is in God's hands. I am no less of a sinner in other ways...xo Diana

June Foster said...

Jettie, I know what a hard time you had reviewing this book but your persevered. I truly appreciate that. As Christians, we are not immune to these issues. Many Christian people feel trapped in homosexuality and really any sin that has them in bondage. My hope in writing this book is that some will be set free. Jesus died on the cross to set us free. The Word tells us we are no longer slaves to sin. I believe it is possible. God freed me from an addiction to alcohol. All things are possible with Him.
Just like your NanaDiana said, we all know someone who is gay so this book hits close to home. Again, thank you for your review. Hugs. June