Saturday, August 31, 2013

Rocks, Rocks and More Rocks

News flash, I like Rocks.
When you live in a place where there are NO rocks, you love to dig there, but a southern girl raised in the hills, wants to see rocks. 
Yesterday was the perfect opportunity.

I love this stretch of highway between Arkansas-Missouri state line
and Springfield Missouri.
A friend from years gone by, helped drill and blast the rock for the old highway widening project. 
Most of this is from the newer widening, to 4 lane.
A lot of the landmarks we used, during trips north with our kids when they were little are now gone, making way for the better travel.

 "Pancake Rock"
 was one of the spots that we always used to let the kids know that they could quieten down, and we were on the last bit of our journey to see their Aunt Betty and Uncle Darold. I couldn't find it yesterday. It was just a stack of flat rock on top of a narrower rock formation.

All these photos were taken heading south at about 65 miles an hour, through the side window of daughter's vehicle.


NanaDiana said...

Beautiful country there, Jettie. I didn't realize that it was so rocky there. Those look like the hills in Pennsylvania. Love them...and I miss the ones where I grew up- xo Diana

Tete said...

Oh, how I remember roads like that...been a long time for me. Thanks for posting the photos of them. Many of my family have lived and live now in Springfield. Used to take my grandma to her heart doctor there and we would stop and see her sister, go through Walmart and then it was a fish sandwich from McDonald's!

20 North Ora said...

There's a lot of rock that looks like that from Springfield down to Branson. Is this the same area? I don't know highway numbers.

Interesting photos.