Friday, August 16, 2013

Just Shooting......................

Big brother instructing her on how to shoot the
bb pistol.

First shot
One down, 2 to go.
and yes, they went too.
JD taking his turn

Stephen with the Air Rifle.
JD taking his turn, 
he is a very good shot, too, 
I'm thinking no one should mess with any of them, if they have a gun in their hand.

And now my turn


and yellow  4 O'Clocks

2 Tiger Cannas
Aren't they beautiful.
All of us are good shots, don't you think?


Tete said...

I used to shoot with dad all the time. Miss that. Love your flowers today. All that rain has done them good and those cannas are wonderful. Never seen that color and pattern before. We just got back home. Craig went to lay down, he is pupt.
Got a corn flower and mum too- check out walmart for 98 cent mums!

NanaDiana said...

Those are all GREAT shots, Jettie. I love the ones of the kids shooting. I used to love to shoot when I was a kid.

Those cannas are gorgeous. Do you have to dig them up or do they overwinter there? (did I ask you that before-sheesh) xo Diana

Stephen Cooper said...

That last picture of the flower is an awesome desktop background meme! Cant wait to send it to Apple!!!