Monday, March 18, 2013

Early Birthday

Our oldest grandson will turn 13 in about 2 weeks.
He is musically inclined, can play a guitar, a keyboard, trumpet, and a bit on the drums.
He and his grandfather have been tinkering with a Lap Steel Guitar, homemade, for a few weeks,  and  poppy decided to build him one for his birthday.
Here he is, while poppy is sitting it on
the stand, it is covered so he can't see anything but cloth.

First Look
First touch

First play

In love.
The white is just cardboard so he can find the frets easier, until
he learns where they all are, then that comes out, and the board under it
is Cherry like the decorative pieces, but has gold markings
where the frets are.


Marissa said...

Awesome gift I know he will enjoy!!! my nephew is around his age maybe a year older has drums and oh boy the whole house shakes good luck!!! and happy birthday to sweet young man~

NanaDiana said...

I'd say Poppy outdid himself. Look at the look on his face when he sees that uncovered! He is just such a sweet boy and so talented. He is going to do you proud in his life, Jettie- xo Diana

Carol Single said...

Looks great. I am impressed.

Tete said...

;)- great surprise! Love the look on his face.

Ellie VanCaster said...

What a great look on his face, even if he was hoping it was the guitar, he obviously wasn't sure. He could be on one of those priceless commercials. It's a gorgeous piece you guys.