Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Scarf and truck.

Diana, you might recognise this sweater.
This is a pic of me, that Skylar took of me in the scarf.
She did my face afterward.  LOL
And the Princess in the scarf.
And my 'artwork' on the wall, lol, I bought that to redo the frame, but ended up
hanging it, because it fit the area.  Everyone likes paintings
growing out of their head.
Hope you can see the colors.
And the truck.
Hood needs repainting, the clearcoat is peeling.
That is the ashtray in middle of hood, it was full of butts, but they had
Fabreeze in the truck, and you could NOT smell the butts.


NanaDiana said...

Well, You look like a pinup model there, Jettie- I love to see you hamming it up..and that Skylar is a hoot, too. Love the scarf colors...yep...that sweater looks strangely familiar!

That truck is in a lot better shape than the one John has. Well, his hood is good but there is rust here and there on his and the back bumper is not a chrome one so it is pretty rusty. Looks good to me, Jettie. xo Diana

Marissa said...

Love the fun scarf pictures! And the truck...looks good to me! Xoxo Marissa

Tete said...

You're so cute! LOL- love the pose with the scarf.
The truck looks good. The hood on ours peeled, too.
It will be a good truck for running around in.

Ellie VanCaster said...

Nice truck and you are looking like a model girl!