Monday, May 17, 2010

A Summer Secret by Kathleen Fuller

This is book 1 in the series  Mysteries of Middlefield.

Mary Beth is 13, with three brothers, including her twin, Johnny.  Being the only girl, she feels the need for a place of her own, to think, write, and draw, and just get away from her brothers.  She discovers that place, in an old barn near their home, and even though she is forbidden to go there, she continues slipping away to her secret hideaway.  Johnny follows her, and wants to share.  Then they discover that some else has also been there, and has eaten the snacks, and drank the juice boxes Mary Beth has left.   They finally meet Sawyer, who is a orphan, his parents had been killed in an auto accident.  He has run away from foster care, after being mistreated.  They start slipping food from their home, and clean clothes to him, and even invite him into their home while their parents are away.
Mary Beth soon gets irritated at Sawyer, when she finds he has read her journal, where she has written down her private thoughts, and he runs away.  The barn catches fire, and they fear that Sawyer is inside.

Though this book is meant for younger readers, I must say that I enjoyed it a lot.  It is well written with a very good theme, and I'm glad I had the chance to review it.  I'm going to read the rest of the series, even if I'm not picked to them.

Tommy Nelson a division of Thomas Nelson Publishers
268 pages

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NanaDiana said...

That really sounds like a great book, Jett. I like some of the books written for younger readers-it kind of brings me back to the basics of reading. That was quite a long book for young readers? I am getting ready to start the Little House series with Lulu...not sure if Ria is old enough yet. Thanks for the great review.