Saturday, March 20, 2010

Songbird under a German Moon by Tricia Goyer

The year is 1945, and 20 year old Betty Lake is headed to entertain the troops in post war Germany. She meets Frank Witt, a photographer for the army, on the plane, and the attraction is immediate.
After her first performance, she gets the nickname Songbird. Her roommate, Kat, an actress, tells her that she will be leaving soon, to make another movie. 3 days later, Kat disappears while walking back from her last performance at Festspielhaus, the Opera house where they are performing. Betty and Frank disagree when her death is called suicide, and they start an investigation of their own.
 I really enjoyed this book, and it did hold my interest. My only thought, I wish some of the other characters had been a little more developed.

I received no money for this review, I did receive a free book to read and review from Litfuse.
Published by Summerside Press Minneapolis

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Anonymous said...

I think I would probably like this book, Jett. I do like the time frame it is set in. Diana