Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Walk Like You Have Somewhere to Go

by Lucille O'Neal with  Allison Samuals

Mrs.  O'Neal doesn't pull any punches in the story of her first 50+ years on this earth.
She discusses how, when her father and mother divorced, when she was quite young, her father took custody of the children, and with his parents, moved to Newark New Jersey.  How, being a young woman who was nearly 6 feet tall at a young age, can cause you to have low self esteem, and and how she dealt with this.  And how she coped, as she moved into her teens, including becoming pregnant at 17, and the young man skipping out, leaving her to deal with the pregnancy and raising of their child. 
Then, marrying, having 3 more children very close together, one of which was born prematurely. 

To make ends meet, her husband joined the army, and the difficulties in moving from place to place, feeding 4 children on a very limited budget, and how she coped by drinking. 
She shares her ups and downs, struggles along with the good things that happened along the way.

The book is well written, easy to read, and you feel you know Mrs. O'Neal by the time you've finished it.
I didn't always agree with her way of handling issues, but that didn't keep me from really enjoying the book .

I was provided a book to read and review by Booksneeze.
The opinions expressed here are my own, and no money was provided for this review.

Thomas Nelson Publishing

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