Wednesday, March 03, 2010

Gigi's Big Break by Sheila Walsh

The White Lie

Gigi is such a funny and creative little girl, and when a vase gets broken while she is dancing in the living room, her imagination kicks in overdrive. She tells a little white lie, which gets bigger and bigger with each telling.

            (The Pink Surprise)

When Gigi asks to go home with her friend to play after school, her mother tells her that they have a surprise for her, and she must come home that evening. Of course, she imagines all kinds of things that her parents may tell her, none coming close to reality.

I feel that Shelia Walsh has created a great teaching too for children. The music is wonderful, the creativity that went into this DVD is amazing.

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Diana's Domain said...

Jettie-This sounds like a really cute DVD and I will probably pick one up for SweetCheeks...even Lucy might be young enough to enjoy it. Thanks-Diana