Saturday, July 26, 2014

Settle down with a drink and some dramomine

 Monday night, he was scared to death of the cats.
Petey is our granddog, and daughter and grandson drove to Mobile Alabama for vacation, so Petey stayed here.
 Monday night, he was scared to death of the cats, who have no clue what a dog is, think they are just strange cats.
Bubba kept trying to play, and Petey would have no part in that.  I finally put the cats in their bedroom, so he could calm down
Tuesday by noon, he'd decided that if they kept a bit of distance, he could sit in the floor. 
By Tuesday night, he decided that Bubba  was tolerable, and they
could get a bit closer.
Soon we were playing chase in and around the old chair.
Now we can actually touch, without being scared to death,

where did he go, he was right there.

Oh, there he is, I'll hide.

off we go again.

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Booger wants to know what the heck is so interesting about playing with
that long haired cat.
He only wanted to comb his tail with his
front paws, and give him
a bath.

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Tete said...

That is funny. Booger is my kind of cat! He flops well.
Glad Petey and Bubba got along. Good action photos of them. They must have been moving pretty quick. LOL
Just got rain here, so humid. More coming in later tonight.