Tuesday, October 15, 2013

OK another naming opportunity

One of two things is going to happen here, in the next few weeks.  
Either you will be reading my obituary in the newspaper, and hubby's arrest, or

I will be getting one of these.  
No, this isn't a photo of the one I am getting,
they are only 2 weeks old, and the only photo I've seen was on a phone, so all I know is she has 2 black, a white, and 3 others, 4 male and 2 female.  Since I already sweep up black dog hair from this stinker
(the other dog is my grandson's and  he visits occasionally)
I figured I'd just go for matching hair.

OK, so here goes.
The Rules for naming.
Has to be a male name, no sissy girly names.
The name will have to fit the dog.
It will have be be kind of unique.
This means I won't choose a winner, until I actually see
and hold him, and watch his temprament for a few days.
Feel free to offer more than one entry 

Just a hint
here is a short list of Boys names
that I've used in the past:
Monster (chihuahua)
Pancho Villa
Big Foot
BA (Bad Attitude)
Lucky (white Chihuahua)
Huckleberry Hound 
So have at it, and come up with some good names.

or, if the other
thing happens, if you are close enough, come to the funeral...


NanaDiana said...

LOL- I am going to have to think on this a while, Jettie. I will return with a name (or two) (or three!;>) xo Diana

jackie collins said...

Ohhhh, he is so cute! We have had Duke, Cowboy, Butch, and Barney. They were all great dogs and I miss them so. The name had to be something that we could easily yell out loud from our porch. My friend named her dog pookiewoo, when she called him in from the yard, the neighbors laughed!

Tete said...

Sidney, Alfred, Harvey, Killer, Beasite Boy, Maximus,
I will be back with more, too.

Julia said...

Que preciosidad de perritos, Las fotografias son muy bonitas, te invito a visitar mi bloc, Felicidades
por tu bloc