Monday, April 15, 2013

Spwing Spwung

It has gotten green outside, finally.  
I went out to check, my Hydrangias have died back to the roots and are putting out new shoots.  Though I hated to see them that low, it is probably a good thing, because they had gotten really big.

Here are 2 shots from years past.
Anyway, I trimmed off the dead shoots, and 
checked to see if more new  ones were coming out, they are.

Then I went around to trim more on the old hedge stuff that we planted 30 years ago.  Most are gone, but two keep hanging in there, scraggly as they are.  I had searched, as birds do nest there, didn't see a thing, until I 
I sure hope they return.
Then I'll get baby pix for you.
Oh, and here 
is a shot of my new greenhouse,
LOL, it is an egg tray, if you
don't recognise it.  I have 30 
4 O'Clock seed in there,
the striped variety.  
Hope they all come up.
I used these last year, and had wonderful
luck, and best of all, they were free!
A couple of handfuls of MG potting soil, and
throw seed in the cups, cover, and put the plastic top on, how simple is that.


Ellie VanCaster said...

Jettie those flowers are gorgeous. Love the egg crate too, you have the best ideas.

Tete said...

Looking good your way. I had read that in the 5-7 year range, you need to cut back your hydrangea to the ground- like 3 inches tall. I did it the 5th year, almost killed me to do it, but it bushed out so thick and full. That's what they said it would do and now mine is so huge. You will see a big difference in yours!

NanaDiana said...

Jettie- I missed this before. Those hydrangeas are just beautiful!!! What a great idea to use the egg crates to start seedlings. Those must be the bigger crates they use to send them in for processing? I am getting anxious to play in the dirt, too. xo Diana

Terra said...

I adore hydrangeas and your photos are beautiful, and that of the bird nest and eggs. I hope the babies hatch safely.