Wednesday, April 20, 2011

I Won I Won!!! (not a book review)

I went to the mailbox today, and had a package...I was kind of expecting a package, a dress I ordered last week, but when I picked this up to get it out of the mailbox, I realized that it was either the heaviest dress I'd ever lifted, or it was something else.  Sure enough, it was not my dress, and when I saw who sent it, my wonderful Sister in Christ, I had to laugh, it is EASTER so what could it be!  Nothing less that an Easter Egg, 14 ounces of pure Heaven (Chocolate Fudge)  and it's mine, all mine.
Thank you Sis, I did have to offer to share a little of it because hubby was standing there when I opened the box.


NanaDiana said...

Never, NEVER, NEVER ever open a package in front of your husband! lol...Hey you are my age-you should know that by now! Glad you like it! I don't want you to be skinnier than me if we ever do meet! Love to you- Diana

Patty Patterson said...

The chocolate sounds delicious... enjoy! :-)