Sunday, November 28, 2010

Nightingale by Susan May Warren

Flip Nightingale

Ester Lange, a nurse,  met Linus Hahn just before he was going to be shipped overseas to fight in WWII.  They saw each other for a month, and then he was gone, but not before he got her pregnant.  She wrote to him, and he sent her to his parents home in Roosevelt, to have the baby, and live until he came home. 

Ester knew she didn't love Linus, but she was saddened when she received a letter from a medic, Peter Hess, saying that he had been with Linus, who was badly injured, and he'd given him a letter to send to her, as he feared he was dying.  Ester continued to write Peter, while she waited for the military to notify them of Linus' death.  Little did she know that Peter was a medic for the German Army, held in a prison camp nearby, until she went to see him at a nearby base, and they escorted a man in, with POW on his clothing.  She left  without even speaking to him, but in life, seldom are we in control and she and Peter are thrown together several times, in the next few weeks. 
Linus comes home badly injured, but his parents are insistant on the couple marrying for the good of their child. Neither really want the marriage, because Linus was in love with another nurse, whom he had known since childhood.
Will they marry?  What will happen to Peter?

Susan May Warren has hit another home run, completely  out of the ball park.
I love historical fiction, and she writes as if you are in the room with the characters.
I read it in two days, I'm happy to recommend it to anyone who enjoys a good read.

I received this book from Litefuse to read and review, no other compensation was given.
Published by
Summerside Press.

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NanaDiana said...

That sounds like a wondeful book, Jettie! I can see you are going to make us read it to find out the ending! hugs- Diana