Saturday, June 26, 2010

Sarah's Garden by Kelly Long

A Patch of Heaven Novel
300 pages
Thomas Nelson Inc.  Publisher

Sarah King always tended the kitchen garden, and somehow her plants aways grew with beauty and the care she gave them.  But,when her sister, Chelsea, married, it became Sarah's job to run the family farm stand at the end of the lane.  Her first customer on her first morning was the new veterinarian, Grant Williams who had purchased the Fisher farm just across the way. Sarah's head knew that Amish girls did not fall in love with Englischer  men, but her heart just wouldn't listen.  And when Grant fell in love with her, too, they were treading dangerous ground, that could get Sarah shunned by the community, and worst of all her family.  Then,  Grant disappears, sending her a cryptic letter that breaks her heart.
Her family keeps hoping that her lifetime friend, Jacob Wyse can repair her broken heart.  Will she marry Jacob, even though her heart still aches for her first love?

Kelly Long has hit a home run with this novel, it kept calling my name, and I finished it in record time.  I've read several Amish novels, but this one has a twist.

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