Friday, August 05, 2016

What a summer we've had, and it isn't over yet.

We thought that when school was out, we would take the grandkids places, and do some things.
We did, in a way, but not nearly what we had in mind.

On May 12th, we got a call, Jerry's son, David, was in the hospital and they were looking at having to amputate his toes.  He has diabetes, and had gotten an infection in his foot.  The did first amputate his toes, but found that it was worse than thought, so they ended up taking his leg up to about 4 inches of his knee. He was in the hospital 18 days then in physical therapy for about another 3 weeks.

While this was going on, Jerry's brother was in a nursing home about 40 miles west dealing with cancer of the throat.  So there were days we'd leave the hospital, head  west and spend time with his brother.

Also during this time, I was getting scheduled to have total knee replacement.

David got out of the rehab and got to come home, he is now waiting to be fitted with a new leg.
Jerry's brother passed away and was buried just before the first of July.  Then I had a schedule to get my my surgery done on July 19th.

This is all behind us, I'm 2 1/2 weeks past replacement, but Summer is almost gone, School is about to start, and none of the things we had planned have happened.  But we made it through, and we are looking forward to a fall that will be much better.


NanaDiana said...

You did have a REALLY busy summer!!! It's just been crazy for a lot of us. I am sure the kids don't mind a bit that you didn't get to do the things with them that you thought you would. You can always do it next summer (Lord willing). Hope you have a better Fall! xo Diana

Tete said...

Hopefully, the fall will be a bit slower paced for you. Prayers for better days and pain free knees. I know you have been through so much. Hang in there- the end of the tunnel is coming up.

Terra Hangen said...

I just came over to see how you are and see your family is having a rough time. I hope fall will turn out to be a happy season for you.

James Alone said...

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