Wednesday, April 20, 2016

No Return by Stacy Claflin

I have a new favorite author.  In the past two weeks I've read 4 of her books.

You are introduced to Rusty Caldwell in the Gone series.  He's lost his wife and 2 sons in a terrible drunk driving accident, so he goes out at night in his tow truck, and tows people who have had too much to drink home from bars to prevent other families from going through what he's had to deal with in life.

He sees a blurb in the newspaper about a suicide, and when he reads it, it is his sister, who he hasn't seen in many years.  He decides to fly to Florida to meet her husband and children, and find the real story.  Almost immediately, his brother in law is taken in for questioning, and he gets acquainted with her children.
The next door neighbor was his sister's best friend, and after talking to her, they start wondering if the story they hear is really what has happened.

This is the kind of book you don't want to put down, until you know the ending, and you may think you have it figured out, but don't count on being right, I wasn't.

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Terra Hangen said...

Your review makes this book sound great as the main character moves on with his life after tragedy.