Saturday, January 11, 2014

Howdy from Booger and Bubba

Dis be
Booger, Iz been mousey 
chasin agan.

I seez a mousey....
I hidz to sneek ups onz it..

Now I bee stuck!


 I be Bubba Gump
see da litnin in my eyze
Mama saz dat I gotz in her Mail..
I sez jus cause it be in de floor
and I be sittin nice in de 
chair, it might not hab ben me.
(don tell mama shez right....
it be our secret.)


Tete said...

LOL-got 2 here doing the same crap! Lester has learned to make phone calls and turn off the answering machine...had one once who loved to fax.

Ellie VanCaster said...

What a cool post-those guys are pretty funny and such typical boy cats. I'd better not let Jada and Scully read theirs cz they'll just get more ideas. ;-)