Thursday, December 19, 2013

Things are changing around here.

Hello, my name be Buddyboo, and here be a picture of me back in my carefree days.
Dat being 
{Before CAT}
back in late summer, my mom 
found this
Then This
An dey staydid in de baffroom
foreber, before she would let me sniff dem
See, I not be nice to kitties, no sur, dey don't bewongs in de house, or near my yard.
I chase dem, and ifn I catched dem, they go bye bye.
Well, finwey, mom lets me sniffered dem.
I growl, dey run, and mom say 
'Bad Dog'.
I onwe gots to sniffer dem when mom was holdin 
and den from a distance.
Here I be, watchin from oder side of gate, 
and dat yeller thang be stickin him paw at me.
Finwey one da, I sniffered de yeller thang, 
and he didn't run.  He bit my tail, and 
you see my tongue sticked out at him.
Dis wus about a week, den one day, 
dat Ghostey one, wif the pinky ears
came by and slappered me. 
De chase be on, mom hollered Bad dog, again.
Da yeller thang, he be quite friendly now
and slips up and sleepz ons my bwankey, wid me.
Ghostey hasn't gotten that friendly yet, but doens't runs aways, when I sniff. 

Dey gots a new house today,

butz dey won'ts let me in, yet...
Silly kitties...
I kinda like dem now, except when mom gives me a bite of food, and dey swipes it for I get dare.
I fergot to say der names
yeller one is Bubba Gump
and whitey one is
Sure glad mom didn't give me no silly name like that, Buddyboo is much more seffistigated.


Tete said...

That is so cute. Love this post, you should write a little book. :)

NanaDiana said...

LOL- OMGOSH, Jettie. That is SO cute. I'm with Tete- That would make a great book for kids!!!! xo Diana