Friday, November 01, 2013

A mouser on our hands.

Yes, I do believe that we have a good mouser on our hands.
This is Booger, about 9 weeks old and fresh from his bath, which he says was NOT given by a momma cat, she wouldn't have put him under a faucet.
He has been bottle fed from the time he was 1 week, when he was abandoned by his mother.

I think I got it,

Yes, it is now a dead mouse.

Here he is with his little sister, her name is


 Hard to believe they are the same age, isn't it.
They have 2 more brothers, one is now living with his forever family, and
GoldenBoy decided he was mad, he didn't like the bath, 
so he hid in the closet.
Here he is a bit later,
He may have a new home, too, a friend saw his picture on Facebook, and is making sure her husband doesn't object, before saying for sure.
His eyes look blue, like the others, so he may be a blue eyed GoldenBoy.

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Tete said...

Love the photos and the dead mouse. Mini is so small. Keep feeding her and she might catch up. She could be a teacup.