Tuesday, May 10, 2011

THE DMZ by Jeanette Windle

Published by KREGEL Publications
512 pages

Julie Baker was born in Columbia, to American Missionary parents, and raised in that country until her parents died of cholera when she was about 16.  She then went to live with her godfather, Norm Hutchins, and went to college, majoring in Journalism, then going to work for him at Our Earth, an environmental magazine.
Julie had always said she would never return to Columbia, but when the opportunity arose to go for a short tour of the area where she was raised, with other reporters, she convinced  Hutchins that she was the one to go.  Shortly after her arrival, she slipped away to go see the graves of her parents, which she had never seen, and another reporter, Tim McAdams, followed her into the night. Before they could return  to the compound, they were surrounded by and kidnapped, taken deep into the jungles. Julie was accused of beinga spy, and threatened.  Anytime anyone may have found them, they were moved, and then Tim McAdams was taken to a different location.

This book is wonderful, I could not put it down.  It has suspense by the truckload, and the characters seem so real that you feel you know them.

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NanaDiana said...

I hope someday to be able to read all the books you recommend. This sounds like a great one! Hugs-Diana