Saturday, January 15, 2011

SAVE THE DATE by Jenny B Jones

Thomas Nelson Publishing

Lucy Wiltshire runs a non profit home for girls that have 'aged out' of the child welfare system, but still need help and support.  When her funding is cut, she starts trying to find some way to keep Saving Grace, the home she runs, open.  In steps Alex Sinclair, who is running for congress, and needs to tone down his playboy image.  He makes Lucy an offer, pretend to be his girlfriend, and then his fiance, to help him win the election, and he will give her a donation to keep the house open and a deed to the property.
Lucy isn't your typical southern charm school girl, she's not afraid to get dirty, tell people her opinion, and she doesn't necessarily want to be paraded on the arm of a former football star turned politician.  When her apartment gets flooded, and she is hounded by reporters,  she ends up at the home of a friend of Alex's, Clair Deveraux, former first lady of South Carolina.  Clair is intent on making a 'lady' out of once homeless Lucy.

This book is hilarious, Lucy gets into more 'fixes' than is almost humanly possible.  Alex is always pulling her out of one thing after another. Jenny B. Jones has me laughing loudly with some of these episodes.

I received this book to read and review from BookSneeze.  I received no other compensation, all opinions are my own.

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NanaDiana said...

I love a book that gives me a good solid laugh-out-loud moment. I suppose the name Saving Grace came from rescuing a girl named Grace in the beginnning? Nice review, Jettie- Diana