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Sheridan Cole Montgomery is the wife of  Eliot Montgomery, Ambassador of Venzuela, living in Caracas.  Her life is parties, meeting famous people, and doing her hearts desire, ministering to the poor women, helping them become a productive part of society.  Then her friend is killed and her husband is severely wounded, and not expected to live.  From that moment on, their lives are forever changed.  Eliot survives, but is severely disabled, and when he is well enough, they move to a small village in the Sierra Madres in central Mexico.  
Their lives are divided into B.C.E and A.C.E.  Before Caracas Event and After Caracas Event.

After 13 months, Luke Trayner, the man who had been with them, when Eliot was shot, and who had helped her through the terrible weeks following, when Eliot was so bad, shows up on their doorstep.   He'd been hired by her sister, Calissa to find them, and tell her that their father, Senator Harrison Cole, was dying, and she was needed in Chicago. Sharidan first refuses to go, but before long, she is convinced she has no choice. 

Sally John has written a very complex, interesting, entertaining, and most of all uplifting novel.  It deals with the subject of what happens to a marriage, when things happen that people 'didn't sign up for'  along the way.   And how faith and prayer can help when dealing with these issues. 

Tyndale House Publishers

I recieved no compensation for this review, I was given an Advance Reader Copy of the book to read and review.  All opinions expressed here are my own. 

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Diana's Domain said...

Jett- I would DEFINITELY read this book! I love books that are centered in Mexico-plus-I like the story line that you spelled out. Thanks for the review! Diana