Saturday, March 15, 2008

Snow, rain, hail, and 60 degrees

Our weather has been wild the last two weeks. On Tuesday morning, March 4th, we had snow, about 4 inches here, but 35 miles west, they had 12 inches on the ground. On the 5th, we had 60 degrees and sunshine, so most of our snow disappeared quickly, the rest by afternoon. Then on March 6th, snow, again, about 4 more inches, The town west of us got another 12 inches. The grandkids just loved the snow, and the dogs were not adverse to a game of chase through the white stuff.
This week, on Wednesday, we woke up to about 2.5 inches of rain, in the rain guage. Last night at about 1:00am, we had lightning and thunder close by, and hail fell for about 5 minutes, sounded as if it were going to come through the roof. BuddybooWhodini does not like thunderstorms so he woke me to hold him until it passed.
Maybe in another week, we can get our cabbage and onions planted,
and we will have warmer weather.

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