Friday, September 07, 2007

Sadness and Soap

My sister, Belinda, lost her baby today, Lil-Bit was a 7 year old Chihuahua-Rat Terrier mix, who she had gotten when LB was about 4 or so weeks old. Lil-bit didn't know she was a dog, and today a large dog got loose from it's chain, and came over to their yard. It grabbed LB and crushed her chest, while Belinda was doing everything in her power to distract, and pull the dog off. The owners have agreed to pay the vet bill and the cremation cost. If it were me, I'd have insisted on calling the police.

I made Gingersnap soap yesterday, and today I made Peppermint Orange soap today. Looks like I may need to make more, as I've got several interested in purchasing it. I made 20 bars in gingerbread man shape, and I think I'll have about 18 Christmas trees out of the peppermint.


Soaps by Mimi said...

The neighbors did pay for the cremation, she got the ashes back a few days ago. And after a very hard couple of months, she now has a new baby to love, his name is Mannfred, or Little Mann, a 1 1/2 pound 8 week old half long haired Chihuahua half Rat Terrier. He should be called a terrorist, lol, he thinks grass is something for mom to walk on, he'll set on her shoe, thank you.
I'll post photos when I sign in as myself, I'm signed in under my Soaps By Mimi account, where I've been putting soap photos up, today.

Jettie said...

Just an update, Mannfred is up to 3 pounds, and is a real live wire. Sis moved to Conway, a couple of weeks ago, and he now has a 'puppysitter' while mommy is at work.