Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Chiggers and ticks and mosquitos, oh my

We managed to get into some chiggers during the fishing trip, yesterday. At least the kids did, and dh managed to get some ticks, somewhere. I had sprayed the kids with repellant before leaving, and took the bottle with us. I tried to watch where they stepped, at the river, but I guess it only takes one little brush with a leaf or stick that has chiggers on it, to get a full crop of them. Next time we go, I will take the 'power' spray, I don't think this worked too well.
Today, it was mosquitos that tried to eat us up. And then, at 11:50am, our power went off, when a tree fell on the power line about a mile from our house. It took them 4 hrs to get it fixed, and that was during the hottest part of the day. We survived, and the kids actually enjoyed their time with ice packs. They did ask to go to their room and watch tv, since the big one wasn't working, lol. And kept asking if we could turn the air back on, as they were getting warm.

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